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The World’s Best Story… Your Own

And if all our lives were, without exception, a treasure to be told for oneself, for one’s children…


Every person’s life is a unique storythat deserves to be told and passed on to loved ones. Have you ever thought about writing your memoirs but been afraid of the blank page syndrome? Are you having trouble imagining where to start or what to write? How about answering some questions then?


Here is a practical, easy-to-use tool allowing you to retrace your life by answering 325 direct and simple questions formulated to help you recall deeply buried memories. This personalised questionnaire will help you to relate the main events of your life one by one, from early childhood right through to retirement, using an approach that is both chronological and thematic. From the richness of your memories will emerge your very own written life story!


In addition to the questions about your past, this guide also has the following:

-A reminder section (to help jog your memory) including objects from the past that may spark off memories.

-Tables to fill out about your ancestors, brothers and sisters, family members, children, the jobs you held, etc.

-A section including questions to help you express your opinion on a variety of subjects.


Do you sometimes feel that your writing skills are not quite up to par? Actually, how you write isn’t all that important. What really matters is the richness of your memories, which may get lost in the mist of time if they are not written down. When the story of a loved one is told, content is much more important than style.

 “ The spoken word vanishes, but the written word remains.


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Thank you!

Thank you for purchasing ‘’The World’s Best Story…Your Own’’. From the richness of your memories will emerge your own, unique written story. The joy of your recollections will heighten as you share them with family and close ones. And, as a legacy standing the test of time, their value for future generations will be immense.


Most importantly, just take your time. Enjoy your moments of recollection, knowing that your family and close ones will soon discover them and find pleasure in reading you. On behalf of future generations, thanks to you who will have taken the time to put your history in writing.

You may not think that your life story is worth telling? Don’t let that stop you! Write it down and let future generations decide.

 Only when we share them, do we become aware of                      how valuable our memories really are.




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  People who liked this book 


Thanks to you, Suzanne, thousands of people will be able to reveal their memories and leave a precious heritage for their loved ones. Your guide is very well designed and is an equal pleasure to give and to receive. Thank you for such a great idea!


Yours truly,

Linda Dean

Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Dear Suzanne, I have quickly glanced through your book and I am so excited to get started! It has been a long-time dream of mine to write my memoirs to give my children and grandchildren a sense of family history. Your publication will certainly be a great way to get started. Thanks again! I am sure once my two sisters see my copy they will be ordering one for themselves!



Sheila Sherman

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada



Dear Suzanne Fortin,

I've just returned from a trip to Vancouver to find your parcel containing your most helpful and insightful book on biography/autobiography. I just wanted to thank you.

I also wish to thank you for the refund as I written your cheque in the wrong amount.

Thanks again for this very helpful writing toll!


Yours Sincerely,

Mary B. Jenkins

British Columbia, Canada



Dear Suzanne,

Thank you for sending the memoirs book. I have read it through and I am sure that my children and grandchildren will be surprised at all the little things I will put down.

I have always wanted to do this, now that I am older I can.

It's funny through reading you find different things.

Thank you again. I will keep your letter on file.



Anita M. Voice



Dear Suzanne Fortin,

Please send  us another copy of  ''The World's Best Story... your Own'' (in English please). We already bought one for my mother and I glanced through it and thought I'd like one for my life story.

It's a great idea!



Pat Kent

British Columbia, Canada